Do You Know Your Drive?

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My name is Laura.  Some describe me as “Old Fashioned and Passionate”.  I will agree with Passionate, but Old Fashion not quite sure.  I am driven by LOYALTY, LOVE, & RESPECT.   

I believe every individual has a right to life and to their choices.  I may not always agree with those choices, but I will support an individual’s ability to make their choice.  I think the reason some describe me as “Old Fashion” is the next statement I am going to make. I believe a person must live with the good/bad consequences of their decisions.  Living with consequences to a choice allows for the growth of an individual spiritually, emotionally, and even physically.  Without the allowance for growth a person or any living “thing” will wither and die.  

Dr. Harry Harlow, a cognitive psychologist in the 1950-1960, took two (2) infant monkeys to prove the importance of social development in a developing human.  The medical concept during this time period was an infant bonded with its mother for physical needs, food, hygiene, etc.  Dr. Harlow wanted to prove the bonding process for humans ran deeper and meant something greater than survival. Dr. Harlow took these infant monkeys placing one with a facsimile of a mom monkey and no other real form of physical contact.  The second monkey was provided care through physical, loving care.  The first monkey began to shrivel and weaken.  The second monkey thrived.  This is a rude summary of the experiment, but a link for a more accurate insight to the study may be found using the link below. 

Another study having a great impact on who I am today is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  This psychologist developed the five needs to Self-Actualization for a developing person during the 1940’s.  His pyramid states as a person achieves or gains a level, they build a foundation leading to the top allowing for self-actualization.  At this stage, a person can reach full spiritual, emotional, and creative potential, allowing a person to become a full, productive member within their family and community.  For more information use the link provided below.

Why do I put these 1940’s and 1950’s experiments into this blog and how does it apply to my beliefs?  Choices made as parents, grandparents, and any other individual working/loving the children in this world have a choice to make and the choice matters with consequences reaching into the far future of a child’s life.  We have a choice as to how the next generation develops.  It is important to teach a person to think and learn, not dictate.  I believe teaching people loyalty, love, and respect helps a person of any age develop into their full potential and become a productive member within their family and community. 

I would love to begin a conversation as to your thoughts.  Please email me.  Until next time Stay Safe, Help Someone, and Know YOU are valued. 


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