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“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your county.”  President John F. Kennedy made this statement in his 1961 Inaugural address.  Our country was facing Soviet Union control of East Germany after World War II, THE COLD WAR was mounting, a need to stop communism on EVERY FRONT was growing, Vietnam War was resulting in movements appearing to tear the United States apart at the seams, and, most importantly, the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT was gaining.  President Kennedy was 35 years of age and his years are referred to as CAMALOT, a fictional, romanticized story of Kings & Queens, Knights, and the love a woman. 

President Kennedy made this famous quote to inspire each American citizen to become a productive member within our society and their family, NEVER relying on government for EVERY solution.  He wanted the American peoples to respect themselves, one another, and their country. 

He is not the only United States President to tell the American people’s government does not hold all the answers while carrying the same desires of President Kennedy.  On August 12, 1986, President Ronald Reagan made a speech to America stating, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  Although this statement was made toward the end of President Reagan two terms he had been faced with turning a country around after surviving the Nixon and President Carter administrations.  Our country had faced an oil crisis helping to contribute to an unstable economy and inflation that had not been rivaled in our history.  President Reagan, also, faced the fall of the American family.  Divorce rates rose resulting in single income households.  For many family’s children were spending long hours unsupervised, and the interdependency of the family began to erode.  Our country was struggling financially and beginning to build emotional scars lasting generations.

Today, the world is facing a pandemic resulting in shutting down most public gatherings such as education, employment, and leaving many families separated for fear of spreading COVID-19.  We have watched people die with only caregivers to help them leave this world, and RSVPs required to attend a funeral for the lost loved one. Our First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, and multiple trained medical personnel have been worked past the point of exhaustion.  This does not include other industries carrying essential workers such as sanitation.  Our spiritual, physical, and emotional needs are being pushed aside to simply survive to the next minute, and each human looking to government to solve the issues.

In many ways the United States government has done well.  Pushing with many other nations to develop and distribute a vaccine.  Assisting people who have lost jobs with stimulus monies to keep families fed, clothed, and a roof as businesses have been forced to reevaluate how to stay open and compete in these quickly, drastically changing times.   We have seen the developments such as permanent remote work allowing greater flexibility for families to care for one another.  Unfortunately, we have seen businesses close their doors forever, and placed many others behind in providing goods/services.  At the end of each day the US government argues with itself, provides contradictions in what we should be doing, and continues to offer stimulus monies preventing people from returning to work resulting in a cycle of dependency on the government.  This is the political definition of Socialism.

With each check issued people take time off or quit their job.  Companies such as GE Appliances are placing engineers on the production line to continue to produce a product. Volkswagen is facing similar issues.  Most production facilities are facing the loss of qualified and trained personnel resulting in a break down in the supply chain for materials.  These monies are undercutting our businesses, devaluing our money, and creating a debt situation for many future generations to attempt to overcome. 

There are families needing stimulus monies as they work to find stable employment.  However, not every American citizen need these monies, and these monies should be stopped.  Many job retraining programs exist to help people develop new skills and rejoin the work force after injury or job elimination.  These programs need to be utilized and allow people to more than survive or depend on monies issued from the government.

America has been given a unique opportunity to restructure for profitable business, improved/continued training for individuals whose jobs have been decreased/eliminated, and allow for the undergirding of the family.  It is possible for a family member to gain lawful employment working from home, another family member to work outside the home, and family to become the pillar it needs to be in our culture for generations to come, and our business structure to become stronger/more profitable in this climate. Allowing for a cooperative win for all aspects of the American Dream.

I would love to begin a conversation as to your thoughts.  Please email me.  Until next time Stay Safe, Help Someone, and Know YOU are valued.


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